Becoming Light - 2017

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Becoming Light
is not only the theme of our Epiphany sermon series in January and February, but it also sets the vision for our congregation-wide conversations on the future of Peace. Peace is called to increasingly become a light of hope in this community and world. Each small group and ministry team, students and adults, frequent guests and long-term members are invited to imagine where God is leading the Peace community. 2017 marks the 500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, a pivotal time of re-imagining for the church. With your input, we will map out a compelling vision of at least 500 days and beyond.

Please join us for one of these Becoming Light Conversations, facilitated by Peace's Vision Board Members:
Jan. 11—7pm: Pub Theology/It’s Monday Groups: At Rusty Bucket, Gahanna
Jan. 15—9:45am: Open to All (Fireside Lounge)
Jan. 18—7pm: Choirs (Meet in Sanctuary for Rehearsal first.)
Feb. 1—7pm: Open to All (Fireside Lounge) RSVP TODAY
Feb. 5— 9:45am: Children’s Ministry Parents (Fellowship Hall) RSVP TODAY
Feb. 8—7pm: Open to All (Fireside Lounge) RSVP TODAY
Feb. 12—6:30pm: Student Ministry Parents & Students (Fellowship Hall) RSVP TODAY

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