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God is not interested in an abstract thing called your spiritual life.
God is interested in your life. –John Ortberg

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God’s grace is the transforming power for a new or renewed life.  Our role is to simply open our selves to God’s energizing, renewing power.
A Path to Peace is the way we envision this process of receiving and living in the grace of God.  Your primary path may be through renewing your mind or renewing your body or renewing your spirit.  Our hope is to assist you in making a thoughtful and intentional decision about your next step on A Path to Peace.

Are you ready?

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A Path to Peace Discernment Guide

Next Steps
-Check out the classes or seminars link below.
-Check out the books we recommend and the spiritual practices that you can use to renew your mind, body, and spirit.
-Contact a personal guide to assist you in your discernment. These guides are members of Peace who will help you walk through the discernment guide and walk with you as you plan to take your next step. 


Resources: Books & Spiritual Practices

A Path to Peace Discernment Guide

Small Groups

Personal Guides

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