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The Inward/Outward Journey:
A Life-Long Process for Spiritual Formation

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Purpose: To fully and freely live out our call To Love... God Neighbor and Self.

Process: Developing practices and habits for both the...
Inward Journey: Discovering who we are as a loved child of God.
Outward Journey: Doing what God hascalled us to do in the world.

Phases:  We are all in different phases of our spiritual formation. For the sake of evaluating next steps, it might be helpful to think about them broadly in these terms.
Developing Faith: Someone who is just learning or re-learning the language and habits of the faith journey.
Deepening Faith: Someone who has been on a more consistent, active journey with Jesus, who now desires to take another step.

Principles for Formation:
Grace is the Invitation
     We are alive because of the gift of God’s Spirit
     We don't have to earn or deserve God’s love.

Habit is the Integration
     Like any process of growth, it takes self-awareness, intentionality, consistency, and perseverance over time.

Love is the Manifestation
     The goal is not to do the practices and develop the habits.  The goal is to live a life that is more loving, more joy-filled, and more generous.

Life is the Destination
     Your everyday life matter to God. Your relationships matter to God. Your work matters to God.

Next Steps:

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