Sunday Morning Learning: JAM

Classes for children ages 3½  – 5th grade run from 9-9:40am. All children, pre-K through 5th grade, gather in the Fellowship Hall. Are you a volunteer? please be here at 8:50am to greet your children. 

Following large group time, children break out into age-appropriate small groups.  It is during this time that they will share with one another and their small group leaders, as well as be engaged in activities to review the day’s story, serve and deepen their faith.  

In our continued efforts to maintain a safe environment, we ask parents of children in PreK through 1st Grade to sign out their children at the end of class.  We realize it can be a hectic time, which makes taking just a moment to do this that much more important.  

In keeping with our mission pf partnering with parents, we ask that you lend a "Helping Hand" in your child’s class a couple times throughout the year.  Once our enrollment is complete, we will put together a "Helping Hand" schedule and communicate it to you via e-mail.  You can certainly switch dates if an assigned date presents a conflict.  It’s a great opportunity to be a part of what your child is experiencing while they are here, and kids LOVE to have their parents help.

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For more information, contact Greta Clouse.