Gahanna Summer Lunch Club

The Gahanna Summer Lunch Club feeds families Monday through Friday during the summer when the free and/or reduced cost lunches are not available through the schools. 2017 was the 10th year for the program. During those 10 years, more than 45,000 meals have been provided.  In 2017, there were two sites where children/families could go to receive a great lunch. Peace was one of 15 Gahanna area churches, along with several area businesses, that provided meals for the program. During our 2017 week, Peace served 345 meals at the two sites to children and their caregivers. For the summer of 2017, over 3,800 total meals were provided by the Summer Lunch Club. Plans are being made to continue the program over eleven weeks in 2018. 

Contact Dana Stuckey for more information. 2018 Dates and Locations TBD.

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