Dianne Williams & Lynn Cory - March 2017

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Inspiring the Least, the Last & the Lost

IN Their WORDS... 

How long have you been connected with Peace?

Dianne: My history at Peace is multigenerational. My mother, Gladys Luft Cudworth, was baptized, confirmed, and married to our father, Walter Cudworth at Peace (that building is now the sanctuary.) My twin sister, Suzanne, and I were baptized, confirmed, and married at Peace. We both were very active all through our childhood and young adult lives. After moving to other communities and becoming active in other Lutheran faith communities....I am back, and  loving it! Currently, I am a regular worshipper, attend extracurricular activities and have helped out in the kitchen. Frankly, I have not been able to get more involved at Peace, as I currently serve at Freedom a la Cart, CATCH, and walk alongside the precious women 2-3 days a week. For me, it is a calling.

Lynn: I grew up in the south end of Columbus, and then later moved to Gahanna, where I raised my children. When I married my husband, John, we then moved to Chillicothe. When he retired, we came back and currently live in Blacklick. We've attended Peace for nearly three years, and recently became members. I enjoy participating in several aspects of Peace, including Pub Theology and the It’s Monday series.  

(Dianne and Lynn met about 18 years ago, when they attended the same church. They participated in many of that church's activites, and have grown their friendship and service to community, ever since.)

What have you been doing to make a difference in our community?

We have been advocating on behalf of survivors of human trafficking, by being mentors with individual women, friending them and walking with them through recovery and healing. 

Lynn has participated in speaking engagements providing education on the nature and extent of human trafficking in Ohio and the nation. Dianne also volunteers to work alongside the survivors (who are now employed in the kitchen) at Freedom a la Cart, teaching them catering and cooking skills, providing a steady presence, friendship, while at the same time teaching and exhibiting life skills.

How does your community work reflect your faith in Jesus?

We heed the exhortation to help the least, the last and the lost.  The survivors of human trafficking are all of those. Rather than being part of the "world's oldest profession," these women are victims of abuse, neglect, rape – forgotten by many. How can we not walk with them as they strive to be healed, recognized and loved? Having the privilege to meet these strong women, learn their stories and witness the change and growth in their lives, expands our hearts with love, compassion and encouragement for them. In return, we ourselves are strengthened.

How can others connect with your work?

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...With Freedom a la Cart:

Order your next boxed lunch or catering needs, from us. We prepare an array of beautiful, delicious foods.
Make monetary donations to support services offered to the women. This includes the new Computers for College program, for which we are honored to have received an OMG from Peace.
Volunteer in the kitchen. Volunteers are needed every day of the week (especially Thursdays).

...With CATCH (Changing Actions to Change Habits):

Help  provide lunch on Thursdays and/or light breakfast on Fridays. (30 to 35 women each session). This is a wonderful group service opportunity! Volunteers may prepare, transport and serve meals at CATCH (women only, please) or may help prepare the meals and drop them off at Peace (women and men welcome to help prepare).
Consider being a mentor. Training available. (Women only)

...With VanBuren Shelter  volunteer@csb.org.

Help serve and clean up after meals. Go to This is a great group service opportunity!
JOBS, JOBS, JOBS that have the potential of providing self sustaining income. If you own a business, or do hiring for a company, please consider giving opportunities to and hiring those who have had legal consequences but have achieved sobriety and are workforce ready. Contact Freedom a la Cart Executive Director, Paula Haines.

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Dianne Williams & Lynn Cory: To Love...Neighbor

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