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Welcome to our Summer Podcast Series, INspire!

Do you want to think about God and your life more expansively? Would you like to live with others more compassionately or confront the struggles in life more courageously? We think it's possible! This week we tackle the issues around learning to love your neighbor.

Kai talks with health coach, writer, and podcast host Nina Boyce about navigating physical, mental, and spiritual self-care. You can find more of Nina’s work at http://www.nourishedwithnina.com.Subscribe to INspire on Soundcloud or iTunes!

In this episode we are focusing on the topic of mental health and anxiety, especially as it is connected with our students. Our guest for this podcast is Dr. Darryl Brush. Dr. Brush is a psychiatrist at the Ohio State Medical Center. Many of his clients are college and graduate students at OSU. He was recently at a national conference focusing on the escalating levels of anxiety in Generation Z!