First Communion Classes

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 First Communion Class April 2018

Peace's First Communion Classes are held twice a year, in the Spring and Fall. We believe that families have their own measure of readiness for their child to attend First Communion classes.  Here are some guidelines in helping to know if your child is ready for First Communion instruction:

*Does your child WANT to receive Holy Communion?
*Is your child ready for table conversations and interaction as part of your family at home, including grace at mealtime and reading the Bible?  
*Is your child able to participate in public worship and be appropriately attentive? 
*Are you, as a parent, willing to be faithful in attending worship and both bring your child to Worship and continue to teach him/her about the meaning of Holy Communion and the journey of faith?

One or both parents/guardians should plan to attend First Communion Class with their student. Please feel free to invite family members, Baptismal sponsors, and anyone else who has been important in your child’s journey of faith.

On the day of First Communion, during the service, the families with children taking First Communion will be invited forward as well, to receive communion with their student.

For more information, contact Greta Clouse.