People of Peace

As we Reimagine Our Everyday Lives, we are reminded of why we are here – To Love…God, Neighbor, Self

We show our Love for God and Self throughout our daily lives, practicing these core values:
Grace Not Guilt  |  Service Without Condition  |  Relationships Over Fears  |  Love Not Fear

We tell the story of Peace Community Members who are living out their faith - practicing these principles in creative and impactful ways, in our greater community. Throughout the year, we will highlight various people who show us how To Love…Neighbor.


Dianne Lynn Cropped compressed

March, 2017 - Dianne Williams & Lynn Cory
Inspiring the Least, the Last & the Lost


Jennifer Hansen

January, 2017 - Jennifer Hansen, Esq.
Making a Difference...on Horseback



Bathing Suit Nest

 November, 2016 - Aubrey Powell
Artist, Fundraiser, Sea Turtle Enthusiest


 Karen Zimmerman Head Shot Her PhotoOctober, 2016 - Karen Zimmerman

Co-Founder, Love Without Hurt