Afghan Child Education and Care Organization

I am writing to express our heartfelt gratitude for the support you have been providing to us and we are also thanking for you to make the connection with Peace Lutheran Church, whose support has been vital too. Their support was especially important this winter to keep our orphanage and run the programs during the holidays. Otherwise, we would have sent all the children back to their villages to minimize the costs of keeping the orphanages open.

Warmest regards,
Communications director at AFCECO

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On Jan. 29, 2017, Peace was honored to welcome Andeisha Farid, Founder and Chairperson of the Afghan Child Education and Care Organization. Andeisha spent her childhood living in refugee camps outside of Afghanistan. In 2007, at the age of 24, she returned to Kabul and founded the Afghan Child Education and Care Organization. Her mission was to provide a portion of the country's estimated 1.6 million orphans with an opportunity to receive quality schooling and a safe place to live.

 Watch Andeisha at Peace Jan. 29, 2017


Peace is committed To Love...Neighbor by supporting Andeisha and AFCECO:

1) Learn how to sponsor a child in an AFCECO Orphange

2) Donate to the AFCECO Orphange Sustainability Fund

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