Mission Trips

Peace Student Mission Trips are intentional time away for students and leaders to experience God while serving the world around us.  They provide powerful opportunities for students to view the world through a different lens and see the impact we can make by being God’s hands and feet in the world. 

The work that is done on mission trips impacts both individual students as well as the lives of people in the places we visit.  We serve the communities we visit by partnering with a variety of work sites including: faith-based organizations, social service agencies, food pantries, environmental projects, building and painting projects for individuals and organizations.    

Local congregations graciously host us for the week.  We set up camp in Sunday School classrooms, and take over a kitchen and fellowship hall for food, fun, programming, worship, and Bible study each evening.  Students and leaders are assigned to a team of 6-8 members with whom they travel to work sites each day, and play and grow in faith together each evening. A Middle School trip (open to students who’ve completed grades 6th-7th) and a High School trip (open to students who’ve completed grades 8th-12th) are offered each summer.  

For more information on Student Mission Trips, Contact Marta Diehm.