What to Expect?

At Peace...

        • Expect to be welcomed. God has graciously welcomed us.  So, expect to be welcomed with that same grace. 

        • Expect us to take our journey of faith seriously but not ourselves. A sense of humor is a prerequisite!

        • Expect to feel a little awkward as you experience a new community. That’s normal. 

        • Expect us to respond openly to any questions you have.

        • Expect us to make mistakes.

        • Expect us to invite you to serve alongside us.

        • Expect to be changed, over-time, by God’s loving Spirit!

As We Worship...     

Come as you are to worship.  If you feel like dressing up, dress up.  If you feel like being casual, be casual. God embraces us all so we strive to do the same. We don’t pretend to have it all together. We don’t expect you to either.

We have two styles, but one hope for worship: to provide a space and time where gathered communities can bring their joys and sorrows, their hopes and fears, their convictions and their questions, to God.  

We serve Holy Communion at each service. Our communion policy is simple: Because we believe the Risen Jesus is the host of the meal, everyone is welcome. 

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