Prayer Opportunities

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Have you ever wished that you could feel the loving arms of the God wrapped around you?

Through Peace's new Prayer Shawl Ministry you may just get a feel for what it means to be wrapped - not only in God’s love, but wrapped also in the love of your faith community. Through the power of prayer, these shawls - draped around your shoulders or over your lap - can provide hope, comfort, support and encouragement during difficult times of transition.

Prayer shawls are hand knitted or crocheted while prayers are being said for the known or unknown recipients. Once done, they will be blessed by our pastors, before being given to recipients.

If you already enjoy knitting/crocheting, OR want to learn how, please join us in the Fireside Lounge 5:30-7pm every first and third Thursday evenings each month. (Bring needles, crochet hooks and yarn if you have them. If not, no worries - there will be plenty to get you started).

Instructors will be available to help non-knitters and beginners. If you have questions or want more information please email Tammy Evans (614-313-4336).

Prayer Board & Prayer Line

Prayer is an important way for us to care for each other and to open ourselves to the healing and guiding power of God. Peace's Prayer Board is located at the main building entrance (near the Sanctuary). Our weekly email, the Prayer Line, is sent on Fridays. This email includes lists of names of people who have requested prayers for either themselves or loved ones. Our Prayer Board and Prayer Line are reminders To Love...God, Neighbor, Self, in times of celebration or concern.

If you would like to request prayers for yourself or for others, please send us your request or call 614-337-1000. Because the Prayer Board and Prayer Line are public in nature, if you are requesting a prayer for a another person, please ask for his/her approval before sending the request.

Sign up for Peace's Prayer Line, through Peace2U.