Finance Team

Peace's Finance Team consists of the Treasurer, Finance Manager and Operations Director of Peace as well as several volunteers familiar with business management or accounting/auditing functions.  The finance team provides proper business procedures to be routinely followed for all finance/accounting office practices.  And this group will provide assistance to parish leadership by maintaining a watch over the monthly financial activities of the church. The finance team reviews financial reports for previous months to offer advisory information to the Vision Board on a routine basis.  The finance team is also charged to set the scope and timing of any audit engagement, and will identify and secure the external / internal auditing resources needed to conduct annual reviews of the financial records.  This team will communicate with the congregation on a reporting basis as needed. For more information, Contact Pat Rocca, Operations Director.

  • Those presently on the team are:  Norm Leist-Treasurer; Gary Baptiste-Finance Manager; Rod Chu; and Pat Rocca, Operations Director

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