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October  |  2018

I love teaching the new member class. This month we have the pleasure of welcoming 24 new members into our Peace community. There is an energy and excitement with our new members because they have discovered something within our community that has led them to say, “I want to join this place. This is a place that can help me grow.” Some express that they love the music, others share that it’s the welcoming feel of worship, one or two even say the sermons aren’t horrible. However, with each new member class, a majority express that there is a spirit of growing into a life of service that exists at Peace. People are captivated by the energy and vitality of worship and are then compelled to live it out in their daily lives—a 24/7 faith. This kind of life is one that we continue to grow into. We are never done learning and growing.

The life of service includes all aspects of our lives, including how we serve through our financial giving. So, here’s a question for you. How do you spend your money? That question gets personal doesn’t it? As Jesus says, it gets to the “heart” of the matter because how we spend our money (our treasure), reveals our values (our heart). That’s exactly why Jesus spent so much time talking about money. Sixteen of thirty-eight of Jesus’ parables discussed how to handle money and possessions. In the four Gospels, one out of ten verses, 288 in all, deal with money. The Bible contains 500 verses on prayer, but more than 2000 verses on money and possessions. Why so much emphasis on our spending?  Jesus tells us the answer, “where your treasure is there your heart will be also.”

The heart of Peace is service. At Peace, we continue to feel called to give 12.4% of our monthly income to outreach ministries such as the Haitian Timoun Foundation, Gahanna Residents in Need, feeding the homeless at places like First English, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Friendship Ministries, filling school backpacks with meals for struggling families, and many others. 

Now imagine this: Our increased capacity to serve is directly proportional to our increased desire to give. 

So, the question for each of us is “How will you serve through your giving this year?”

October 28th is Commitment Sunday. Please prayerfully consider how you serve through your giving in 2019 by filling out the attached pledge card. During worship, we will invite you and your family to come forward and make a public statement of your commitment to what God is doing in your life by turning in your pledge card and then receiving this blessing, “You are a blessing of Peace for the world.”

Pastor Doug Warburton


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