Peace Lutheran Church Mission Endowment Fund

The Peace Lutheran Church Mission Endowment Fund (PLCMEF) was created to provide a permanent source of income for programs not traditionally included in the annual budget. Endowment fund grants help further the work of Jesus Christ in the world and may be used to extend and support the ministries of Peace, for capital improvements, to help those in need, for college student scholarships, or to support the mission of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA).

Sample Mission Endowment Grants:

*National disaster relief efforts (e.g. Oklahoma City Tornado)
*International disaster relief efforts (e.g. Haiti Earthquake)
*Scholarships to seminary and select college students pursuing higher education in areas and field congruent with the current vision and mission of Peace
*Local & regional non-profit support (e.g. GRIN, Southeast Testament)
*Support for Peace Ministries (e.g. Camp Friendship)
*Support for Peace Mission trips

The mission endowment fund is supported by your generosity. Some donors share their generosity now with a charitable annuity or cash donation, while others provide a gift through their wills or estates.

Need more information on the PLCMEF or want to request a grant application?